The Operation of PPANI

The operational functions of PPANI are managed through Local area Public Protection Panels (LAPPP).


The operational functions of PPANI are undertaken by Local Area Public Protection Panel (LAPPP) meetings.

About The Operation of PPANI

What is a Local Area Public Protection Panel (LAPPP)?

The multi agency outworking of these arrangements is best illustrated by the Local Area Public Protection Panel (LAPPP).  Each LAPPP has at its core,  representatives from the police, probation and social services.  In addition there can be representatives from any of the other agencies who have a contribution to make to particular individual cases. LAPPP meetings take place throughout Northern Ireland to regularly risk assess individual offenders and to draw up risk management plans for those offenders who pose the greatest risk.  Crucial to this function is the sharing of information on cases within PPANI and consideration of both victim and public protection.

When an individual offender is discussed at a LAPPP, a Designated Risk Manager (DRM) is appointed to implement the Risk Management Plan with that offender.

What is a Designated Risk Manager (DRM)?

Designated Risk Manager (DRM) can be a police officer, probation officer or social worker. They hold responsibility, on behalf of their agency,  for implementing the risk management plan for the offender.  The DRM undertakes visits to the offender and works alongside the offender in reducing their offending behaviour. The DRM provides an updated report to the LAPPP on the visits they have made to the offender since the previous LAPPP meeting.  On the basis of this report and considering any other relevant information from a variety of sources the offender’s Risk Management Plan will be amended.  Other sources of information would come from the local police, hostel staff (if the offender lives in a hostel), treatment programmes or from the family of the offender.  The DRM works alongside a range of other professionals who may be involved with the offender such as social services, probation, housing or employment agencies.

All DRM’s are trained to undertake all the required assessments of the offender and undergo annual accreditation to ensure consistency and quality of practice.

What is a Public Protection Unit (PPU)?

Most offenders who are within the public protection arrangements are managed by DRM’s who are either from  Police or Probation.  A small number of offenders who have mental health problems are managed by Community Forensic Mental Health professionals.  Public Protection Units are located in police stations throughout Northern Ireland and are staffed by PSNI with co-operation from Probation Board Northern Ireland and Health and Social Services Trust staff.

What is the Public Protection Team (PPT) ?

This is a small team of highly experienced police, probation and social services staff whose aim is to provide a consistent level of management of risk for those offenders in the community who represent the greatest cause for concern.  This unified, multi agency team is based in the PSNI complex at Seapark.

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