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Responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the public protection arrangements in Northern Ireland

The Strategic Oversight of PPANI

The Strategic Management Board meets on a quarterly basis and is chaired by a senior representative from the PSNI, the Probation Board and the Prison Service on a three year rotational basis.  The Prison Service currently holds this position.  The role of the chair is to facilitate discussion between Strategic Management Board members and in doing so promote, drive and encourage the strategic oversight of the operation of the arrangements in line with the Guidance provided by the Department of Justice under Article 50 of the Criminal Justice (NI) Order 2008.  The chair does not carry accountability for decisions made by the board.  Accountability rests with the individual agencies involved with delivering their role in the public protection arrangements in Northern Ireland.


Alan Smyth - Head of Licensing, Legislation and Public Protection, Northern Ireland Prison Service, SMB Chairperson


Alan Smyth is Head of Licensing, Legislation and Public Protection in the Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS).  He has primary responsibility for releasing offenders into the community on a range of Department of Justice licences.  This work involves working closely with other criminal justice agencies to ensure that appropriate and proportionate licence conditions are put in place that allow offenders to be managed in the community following release.  Alan is also responsible for NIPS's public protection responsibilites, for overseeing and managing all Judical Reviews taken against NIPS, prisons related legislation and operational policy, the Prison Service's human rights and equality responsibilities in relation to offenders, prison policy on victims, the NIPS Claims Unit, the Centralised Custody Office and for a range of other judicial matters that impact on the Prison Service including prisoner transfers and the recall of life sentence prisoners.


Detective Chief Superintendent George Clarke, Head of Branch, Public Protection, PSNI

Detective Chief Superintedent George Clarke occupied the role of District Commander for A District for two years prior to his appointment as Head of Public Protection in April 2014.  He has served in a number of uniformed and detective posts throughout the Organisation having joined the RUC in 1994 and previous posts include Head of the PSNI Professional Standards Department and Deputy Head of the PSNI Serious Crime Branch. 


Cecil Worthington, Director of Social Work, Family and Childcare, Belfast Trust


Cecil Worthington is the Director  Social Work, Family and Childcare in the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust.  He is a qualified Social Worker and has been working in Children's Services specifically over the last 15 years.  His role on the Strategic Management Board is to represent all five Health & Social Care Trusts in relation to Social Services role in this area of work.


Hugh Hamill (Acting) Deputy Director of Probation

Hugh leads on Risk, Approved Accommodation, the Public Protection Arrangements and Programmes Intervention.  He has line management responsibilty for the Assistant Directors for Rural and Risk respectively and the Head of Psychology and Programmes.


Colin Reid – Policy & Public Affairs Manager for NSPCC Northern Ireland


Colin is responsible for the Policy and Research Unit at NSPCC  which promotes the external policies of the NSPCC and seeks to influence attitudes, legislation and policy development with elected representatives  and the Government in ways that help end cruelty to children. Colin is a member of the SMB and is also the Chair of the Victims Sub Group. He also represents NSPCC on the South Eastern Trust  Child Protection Panel.


Liam Kinney - Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Liam Kinney represents the Northern Ireland Housing Executive on the Strategic Management Board and advises on social housing issues.

Liam is the lead officer on Homeless Policy and Strategy within the Housing Executive having previously been Area Manager for South and East Belfast.  Given the complex nature of Homelessness, he engages in a wide range of Partnerships involving the voluntary, statutory and business sectors.