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Responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the public protection arrangements in Northern Ireland

PPANI SMB Subgroups

What is the Strategic Management Board?

The Strategic Management Board (SMB) is made up of the senior managers of all the relevant agencies as well as two Lay Advisors, who provide an independent view point.  The Board  is chaired alternately, on a rotational basis, by either PSNI, PBNI or NIPS.  It meets quarterly to review practice, implementation and strategic delivery of the arrangements.  The SMB develops an annual business plan and sets objectives for the year ahead.  Its range of duties include:

  • Strategic overview of the management of PPANI cases
  • Development of business and communication plans
  • Quality assurance of the arrangements through quarterly audits
  • The establishment of Serious Case Reviews (SCR)
  • Producing PPANI annual reports

The SMB delivers its business through five subgroups which meet regularly and develop their individual business plans in line with the Strategic Management Board’s objectives. Each of the subgroups are made up of representatives of the PPANI agencies.

The SMB has also established a Victim Advisory Sub Group which is discussed in more detail on the page dealing with the victim involvement in PPANI. 

The five subgroups of the SMB are:

Policy and Practice Subgroup

Liz Arthur, (PBNI) Chairperson

This subgroup has responsibility for ensuring that the best operational policy and practice is adopted by the agencies delivering public protection.  This subgroup is chaired by Probation Board for Northern Ireland (PBNI). The functions of the subgroup include:

  • Reviewing the policy and practice of the PPANI to ensure it is up to date and reflecting best practice
  • Ensuring victim issues are integral in the strategies, policies, guidelines and training of PPANI
  • Providing oversight of the auditing processes
  • Identifying and undertaking any relevant research which needs to be undertaken to ensure up to date and best practice policy and practice
  • Identifying any learning from Serious Case Reviews and amending practice guidelines and ensuring dissemination to practice


Education and Training Subgroup

Stephen Sherry, (SHSCT Priincipal Officer) Chairperson

This subgroup aims to ensure that practitioners undertaking the assessment and management of offenders who are subject to PPANI receive up to date training to ensure best practice.  The subgroup is chaired by Probation Board for Northern Ireland and the functions of the subgroup are:

  • To review, plan for and deliver the training requirements for the multi-agency working in relation to PPANI
  • To evaluate and report on the effectiveness of the training delivered


Communications Subgroup

Brendan Giffen (NIPS) Chairperson

This subgroup has a key role in co-coordinating communications between the agencies and the public and media on the multi agency dimension of public protection.  The group aims to increase public reassurance by clear and timely communications. This subgroup is jointly chaired by police and probation.  The functions of this subgroup are:

  • To develop and review the public protection arrangement’s Communications Strategy
  • To maintain regular, up to date communications with the public and media personnel through  avenues such as the  PPANI website and other publications.


Accommodation Subgroup

Richard Tanswell, (NIHE) Chairperson

This subgroup recognises that access to sustainable and suitable accommodation is a significant factor in preventing re-offending. This subgroup is chaired by Northern Ireland Housing Executive and its functions are:

  • To implement an accommodation strategy
  • To address the issues relating to the housing of sexual and violent offenders


Victims Advisory Sub Group

To learn more on this sub group please click on the link below:

What is the PPANI Victim Advisory Sub Group


PPANI Coordination Unit

Julie Smyth, PPANI Coordinator

The PPANI Coordinator undertakes the coordinating role in following through the actions of the subgroups, linking each of the subgroups in their overall aim to meet the SMB objectives and undertaking media liaison as and required through the work of the Communications Subgroup.

The PPANI Coordinator facilitates the Audit and Serious Case Review processes. The SMB agencies have also tasked the PPANI Coordinator with communicating and networking with other agencies and representatives on all matters relating to the public protection arrangements and which do not directly relate to any one of the consultant agencies. PPANI Coordinator also contributes to the development of  understanding and the skills of those in the agencies by giving presentations, and providing training to assist them in fulfilling their PPANI responsibilities. 

The PPANI Co-ordination Unit which is based at PSNI Seapark Complex has a range of duties which include:

  • Provision of support and relevant data to SMB
  • Being the single point of contact and advice on all aspects of PPANI
  • Providing quality assurance and auditing processes
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of communication by and between all the agencies involved in PPANI
  • Coordinating the administration and work of the SMB five subgroups