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Minutes of Strategic Management Board meeting on 25th March 2014

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Strategic Management Board Meeting

Tuesday, 25th March 2014, 2 pm


SMB Members

Hugh Hamill                     Chair PBNI
Supt Alan Skelton PSNI, Deputising for ACC M Hamilton
Alan Smyth                        NIPS
Terry Doherty                     PBNI
Cecil Worthington            Health and Social Care Trust
Liam Kinney                      NIHE
Joe Blake                           Lay Adviser
Dan McEvoy                       Lay Adviser
Sharon Beattie                  SBNI

In Attendance

Geraldine O’Hare PBNI, Chair of Education and Training Sub-group
Gail McGreevy PBNI,        Chair of Communications Sub-group
Marcella Leonard              PPANI Coordinator
Julie Smyth  PPANI          Coordinator (commencing post 1st April 2014)
Robert Mahaffy NIHE,      Chair of Accommodation Sub-group
Angeline Davidson           PPANI Coordination Unit (minutes)

Apologies – SMB Members

Tony Rodgers                  HSCB
Colin Reid                        NSPCC
ACC Hamilton                 PSNI


Liz Young                          PSNI

1 .Welcome and apologies

The Chair welcomed all to the meeting and apologies were accepted on behalf of those who could not attend.  Thanks extended to NIHE for hosting the meeting and providing lunch.

A particular welcome was extended to Liam Kinney who will replace Michael Conway in representing NIHE.  An acknowledgement to Michael for his contribution SMB was recorded.

Julie Smyth who is to replace Marcella Leonard as PPANI Coordinator was welcomed and thanks extended to Marcella for the substantial contribution that she has provided towards the Public Protection Arrangements during her 3 years within the role.

2. Minutes of meeting of 17th December 2013 and actions arising

The minutes of previous meeting were accepted as a true reflection of what was discussed.

• Outstanding Action from September 2013 meeting

Action 1: ACC Mark Hamilton to convene a meeting on 10 January 2014 to discuss issues arising from the two cross-borders related cases.  Completed: Meeting took place involving PSNI, PBNI, and DOJ, with the PPANI Co-ordinator in attendance. Outcome; ACC Hamilton to write to DOJ.

Action 2:  Robert Mahaffy to report to the next SMB on the progress of the analysis in respect of placement turnover in approved premises.

Outstanding – Robert was not available to attend the meeting however Michael Conway ensured that this would be completed for the following SMB meeting
Robert provided an update through his Accommodation report.

• Actions Arising from December 2013 meeting

ACTION 2 (17.12.13) Policy and Practice Sub- group to discuss this further and specifically with regard to offender consent, and DPA considerations –Completed

ACTION 2 (17.12.13) Policy & Practice Committee to discuss at their next meeting- Completed, see point G on P&P Report

ACTION 3 (17.12.13) ACC Hamilton to link with PSNI statistician and then discuss the outcome with SMB Chair prior to the meeting with DOJ representatives regarding a proposal for research on the efficacy of the arrangements- Ongoing

ACTION 4 (25.3.14)  Chair to contact representative from DOJ to source the time frame in which post 2007 data will be made available .  Completed

ACTION 5 (17.12.13) Accommodation Subgroup to report back to SMB on the actions arising from the CJINI Report recommendations.  Completed – see Accommodation Sub-group report

ACTION 6 (17.12.13) Minutes will be provided and redacted as needed for publication on PPANI Website -Completed

ACTION 7(17.12.13) Policy and Practice sub group to review the pros and cons of VISOR for other agencies in their 14/15 Business Plan- The action is to be included in the 2014-15 P & P Business Plan

ACTION 8 (17.12.13) PPANI Coordinator to contact Joe Blake (Lay Advisor) to ask him to elaborate on one of the areas within his report in respect of consistency in recording and information collation-Completed

ACTION 9 (17.12.13) PPANI Coordinator and Gail McGreevy to meet with both Lay Advisers to discuss and establish a format that can be up loaded onto the website-Completed

ACTION 10 (17.12.13) PPANI Coordinator to contact Kit Chivers to discuss point 41 and ask if he would amend the recommendation in order to comply with SA07-Completed – a practice note has been forwarded to staff in the respective agencies

ACTION 11 (17.12.13) PPANI Coordinator to add the impact of lack of reconviction data to the Risk Matrix-Completed

ACTION 12 (17.12.13) PPANI Coordinator to contact Mary Potter (Department of Education) to obtain these protocols and to report back to SMB with comments.   Mary Potter to be invited by the Coordinator, to attend SMB in March by way of update-Ongoing.
Mary has provided a draft paper.  However if was felt that this paper required further work, and this should be progressed at the next P & P meeting in May 2014.  In the meantime SMB members were asked to forward any comments on the process to the Co-ordinator’s office.  ACTION: SMB and Policy & Practice Committee

ACTION 13 (17.12.13) PPANI Coordinator to reply to both communications highlighting the agencies within PPANI will respond individually to these requests -Completed

3.  Report from Policy and Practice Sub Group – Terry Doherty, PBNI

ACTION 1 (25.3.14) PPANI Coordinator to draft a written response to PPANI Links of the decision made in relation to Hate Crime.

ACTION 2 (25.3.14) Hate crime eligibility is to be further considered in the MOP review 2014-15

                    • Review of Business Plan 2014/2015

ACTION 3 (25.3.14) The Chair of P&P to update the 2014/2015 Business Plan with reference to a VISOR feasibility assessment.

4.  Report from Education & Training Sub Group – Geraldine O’Hare, PBNI

ACTION 4 (25.3.14) PPANI Coordinator to invite Stephen Sherry, Principal Officer, SHSCT to next Policy & Practice sub group meeting to discuss SHSCT proposed policy on the sharing of information.

ACTION 5 (25.3.14) PPANI Coordination Unit to circulate leaflet for the IATSO conference to SMB members for consideration by the member agencies who may wish to submit papers at this conference.

5.  Report from Accommodation Sub group – Robert Mahaffy - NIHE

6.  Report from Victims Advisory Sub group – Colin Reid, NSPCC

7.  Report from Communications Sub group – Gail McGreevy, PBNI

ACTION 6 (25.3.14) PPANI Coordination Unit to circulate to SMB 2013/2014 Business Plans of all sub groups.  Comments to be forwarded to the PPANI Coordinator.

8.  Report from PPANI Coordinator – Marcella Leonard

ACTION 7 (25.3.14) SMB Chair to write again to DOJ

9.  Lay Advisers

• Dan McEvoy
• Joe Blake

10.  Chairs Business

                    • Serious Case Reviews

ACTION 8(25.3.14) PPANI Coordinator to draft executive summary on the upcoming case and invite the above reps to meet and discuss the content.
ACTION 9(25.3.14) PPANI Coordinator to liaise with Sharon Beattie regarding the format of SBNI’s executive summaries.

                  • Hate Crime Definition

                  • Department of Education paper on ‘people who pose a risk’ procedure

ACTION 10(25.3.14) PPANI Coordinator to receive comments from SMB members regarding the Department of Education paper; for further discussion at the next P & P meeting.  An update is to be provided at next SMB.

                  • Membership of SMB

ACTION 11 (25.3.14) PPANI Coordination Unit to identify members of SMB when recording minutes.
ACTION 12 (25.3.14) The PPANI SMB Chair to clarify if SBNI and HSCT qualify as members of PPANI SMB.

11.  SMB Business Plan 2013-2014

                  • SMB Business Plan 2014-2015 (draft)

ACTION 13 (25.3.14) The PPANI SMB Chair and PPANI Coordinator to meet and draft a 14/15 Business Plan.  To be presented at the next forthcoming SMB.  Sub-group Chairs were also asked to forward their draft business plans to the Co-ordinator for onward distribution to SMB members for comment.  Action: Sub-group Chairs and Co-ordinator Unit.

12.  SMB Risk Matrix Plan for 2013-2014

13.  Any other business

14.  Date and time of next meeting

• Tuesday 24th June 2014              @ 13.30pm        PSNI HQ,  65 Knock Road, Belfast
• Tuesday 16th September 2014   @ 13.30pm        PBNI, 80/90 North Street, Belfast, BT1 1LD
• Tuesday 9th December 2014      @13.30pm         SBNI, 18 Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, BT2 8HS

Hugh Hamill
SMB Chair